Be a part of Bend Open Streets, a FREE community event drawing over 2,500 people for dozens of healthy activities.


Bend Open Streets encourages people to rethink how Bend’s Public Spaces can be more livable. It is good for our community, our health, our environment and our businesses!

Associate Your Business with Bend Open Streets


Open Streets allows new customers and loyal patrons to experience your business in an exciting new way! Share your passion for your business and express your support to building safe and more fun ways to connect with your community.

This event is the ONLY one of its kind in our area. It provides a safe environment where residents can be active and have fun!

Connect to Bend Open Street Participants


Open Streets is the perfect way for your business to connect with the local community in a meaningful way. A sponsorship is a public declaration that your business is part of the community. Open Streets is dedicated to prosperity and happiness in the place we call home–Bend.

For Sponsorship Questions & Assistance, contact:

Brian Potwin  541-977-8367

Bend Open Streets

50 SW Bond Street, Suite 4

Bend, Oregon 97702

(541) 330-2647

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